Ozdilek Center is owned and managed by Ozdilek, and it will be fully functional in 2014. It’s built over an area of 27.000m2 and consists of a shopping center, hotel and business center. Total project area is 320.000m2. Hotel is operated by world renowned Wyndham Hotel Group. Wyndham Hotel will include 318 rooms, 32 suites, meeting rooms, spa-gym, ball rooms, restaurant and open swimming pool. OzdilekPark İstanbul Shopping Mall will have 120 stores with local and international brands, restaurants, children entertainment centers and movie theater. River Plaza Business Center has 35.000m2 leasable area on 33 floors and 2.800m2 green terrace recreational area exclusive to Plaza members. All electrical installation work will be done by our company.

Employer: Ozdilek AVM ve Tekstil San. Inc.
Concept Architect: B+H Architecture
Architect: Piramit Architecture
Total Installed Power: 16 MVA
Indoor Area: 320.000 m2
Start - Finish Period: 2012-2014