MEP Contractor QA/QC-TW101 1/1/2013

The purpose of this quality plan is to define specific key requirements related to quality performance and ensure a thorough understanding of such by all project parties concerned.

Purpose & Scope

Through PQP awareness and implementation, the performance of engineering, procurement construction and supporfunctions may effectively and efficiently achieve their objectives and provide the Client with a project that fulfills their quality requirements and expectations. The  PQP  is  supplemental  to  TechnoWatt  Quality  Management  System  (QMS) and  provides  the mechanism to link specific requirements of the Client / project to those of TechnoWatt quality system. In summary the PQP details the activities and responsibilities related to:

  • Mobilization
  • Engineering
  • Procurement and Material Management
  • Planning
  • Execution
  • Coordination for Major Subcontractors and Specialists
  • Quality Control
  • Contracts Administration
  • Document Control
  • Warehousing
  • Quality Assurance
  • Site Administration

In addition, TechnoWatt will ensure that these related activities are planned, implemented and controlled and their progress and effectiveness are monitored.


Mobilization is defined as the period starting from contract award and continuing until all Construction Support facilities and infrastructure is complete. Key activities and controls to be established (as needed) are:

  • Programs - design /procurement / construction
  • Plant and equipment approved budget
  • Organization and staff resources
  • Document control system
  • Procurement tracking system
  • Project Quality Plan (including method statement scheduling)
  • Project Safety Plan
  • Setting up of site offices, accommodation, temporary works.
  • Initiation of early temporary or permanent work materials procurement


Review of contract drawings, specifications, obtain / provide clarifications, coordinate among all related disciplines and produce shop drawings within performance parameters. Key activities and controls to be established (as needed) are listed below:

  • Shop Drawings
  • Production program
  • Organization of engineering personnel
  • Identification, notification and implementation of changes
  • Drawing submittal

Procurement & Material Management (H.O.)

To prepare technical packages comparisons for permanent materials and to secure competent and reliable sources for

procurement. Key activities and controls to be established are:

  • Procurement program
  • Preparation of material submittal for Client approval in accordance with the terms of contract agreement, contract scope of work, approved drawings and specifications
  • Approved material deliveries to the project warehouse
  • Procurement tracking report on suppliers


To develop planning schedules, monitor, accommodate changes and report progress. Key activities and controls to be established are:

  • Mobilization program covering all aspects of mobilization, design, procurement and early construction activities
  • Detailed construction program
  • Program review
  • Work package program for subcontractors
  • Program Monitoring and control


Execute the construction program within the set performance parameters defined by approved shop drawings, approved material submittals and approved quality controls. Key activities and controls to be established are:

  • Short term programs to direct and control the works
  • Weekly productivity reporting /Planned vs. Actual Progress
  • Weekly procurement reporting
  • Formal pre-qualification of subcontractors and suppliers
  • Weekly design progress reporting
  • Method statement schedule and update as necessary
  • Inspection and test planning (Process Control Sheets)
  • Monthly quality performance reporting
  • Monthly safety performance reporting
  • Monthly update of the contract program